Welcome to Eglise du Plateau de Saclay

We are a Church for the Plateau de Saclay. By living and sharing the Good News of Jesus-Christ, we want to be a blessing for this fast growing urban campus in the greater Paris area.

When and where?

Worship Service we meet every Sunday at 10am for our worship service. In this location 12 Rue Francis Perrin, Gif-sur-Yvette

Meetup groups : we also have small groups where we eat, learn and pray together. There is probably a Meetup near your place, and we even have one in English, so please contact us to get more detailed information about our Meetup groups.

Worship Service Every Sunday at 10 am

At quartier du Moulon

12 Rue Francis Perrin, Gif-sur-Yvette

You have a question?

Please contact us.